Tikka / SAKO Replace Lighter Trigger Spring

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Brand: Britannia Accessories
Code: A-0001


Replacement lighter spring for Tikka/SAKO


1. Ensure rifle is unloaded and all normal safety precautions have been taken.

2. Remove barrel and action from stock.

3. Remove trigger unit from action, using correct size allen key.

4. Remove grub screw at the front of trigger unit which releases spring and plunger with correct size allen key.

5. Replace spring with new spring supplied. When replacing these parts into the trigger housing, take care to ensure that the trigger spring plunger faces in the same direction as when it was removed.

6. Refit plunger, new spring and grub screw.

7. Refit trigger unit to action.

8. Refit barrel and action to stock.

9. With an unloaded rifle use a trigger pull test gauge to check trigger pull is as required and safe.


Remember it is your responsibility to correctly fit and then test and ensure that the trigger now operates safely.  If you are not confident in carrying out this process please take your rifle to a trained Gunsmith to have them carry out this modification for you. Country Sports Wholesale Ltd cannot accept any liability for trigger springs being incorrectly fitted to any rifles and any work carried out.