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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

Bore Tech’s Extreme Grease HD is an ultra tacky triple based synthetic blend formulated specifically for superior firearm operation. The proprietary formulation offers a wide operational temperature range of -85°F to +700°F and eliminates the “gumming” and “running” typically found with the competitors’ brands. All grease is not created equal. Get a grease that will keep you protected in all extreme conditions.

Bore Tech Friction Guard XP Gun Oil is a highly advanced synthetic blend of oils, penetrants and friction reducing additives combined with enhanced rust and corrosion inhibitors. Friction Guard XP offers unsurpassed lubrication, unequaled performance and complete metal conditioning under the most extreme conditions.

Bore Tech’s Shield XP Rust Preventative is a state-of-the-art blend specifically formulated to protect your firearms from rust and corrosion. Shield XP penetrates deep into metal surfaces, displaces moisture and neutralizes corrosives. Then it seals the surface with a fast drying film that will not attract sand, dust, dirt or debris. No more messy, oily firearms staining your gun safe.