Do you do a rail for....

Q: SAKO Finnfire 1/SAKO P94S?

A: Yes, it's the same as the CZ455

Q: SAKO Finnfire 2?

A: Yes, it's the same as the Sako Quad

Q: Ruger American Rimfire?

A: Because the rear dovetail is captive, we'd suggest a Rimfire Dovetail Rail

We decided this isn't good enough, we're making one! - We made one, here it is!

Ruger American Rimfire

Q: Do a rail for a Parker-Hale Centrefire?

A: The Parker Hale Centrefire has had quite a few iterations over the years.

The Remington 700 Long Action rail will fit as the hole spaces are:

A-B Hole: 21.89mm

B-C Hole: 113.91mm

C-D Hole: 15.41mm

Q: Do a lot of rails cross over?

A: They do, and we'll be honest with you, some of our rails are the same as Remington 700 or Howa 1500 rails in different packaging.

Why do we commit this deception? Because not everything is completely straightforward. For example the Sauer 101 is a Remington 700 Long Action even in the Short Action or the CZ600 has three different action sizes, even when this would be only two on most rifles.

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