Britannia Rails Chassis CZ455

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Britannia Rails Chassis CZ455
Made for the CZ455, available in four different colours.
  • Black
  • Flat Dark Earth, FDE
  • Olive Green
  • Titanium

Made from aluminium, the pistol grip is interchangeable with any standard AR grip. The castellations on the stock allow for an increase in the length of pull and the butt pad adjusts in height and the cheek piece is controlled can be lowered or raised to bring your eye comfortably in line with your stock.

Still feeding from the original CZ455 magazine, it gives a platform for you to truly adjust your rifle to fit you. Fitting securely with the provided stock bolts.

A bipod adapter slides down the machined groove of the foreend to give a strong point of contact.

For stock, contact your regular dealer or check out our Dealer List.

Proudly made in Great Britain
Brand: Britannia Rifles
Product Code: BR2/CZ/FB-B