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A completely clean gun without question was the philosophy and inspiration behind Bore Tech, Inc. Established in 1997, Bore Tech Inc. was founded on the vision of perfection and the idea of accuracy. From the products themselves to our principles of operation, our goal is to provide you with…the best.

Created by shooters for shooters, Bore Tech, Inc. has quickly become recognized as the finest manufacture and now sets the standard for all gun care and maintenance products. All of our products are proudly made in the USA and keep the shooter, the environment and our country in mind.

Since its beginnings, Bore Tech has created a line of premium firearm accessories that the serious shooter has found to be measurably superior to the competition. Our products excel in form, fit and function, as well as in quality, convenience and value. Every detail is scrutinized to offer flawless performance and complete customer satisfaction.

Over the years, we have expanded our technologically advanced product line and we have continued to redefine gun care, making Bore Tech products the benchmark in the shooting industry.

Our Expert Knowledge, Outstanding Products, and First Rate Customer Service are why many top shooters count on us to win.

We have set ourselves apart from the competition and will continue to be the gun care and maintenance manufacturer of choice for the shooter who wants quite simply...the best.

is your gun Bore Tech clean?

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