Vortex Ladies Kryptek Yeti Cap

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Brand: Vortex Optics
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This Vortex hat in Kryptek’s Yeti camo is so cool it’s HOT. Perfect for wear sitting atop your Yeti cooler while pounding some ice cold Yeti from MTN OPS – which will give you all the energy you need to head out on your never-ending quest to prove Yetis do indeed exist. And when you do find a Yeti, you can offer them your hat as a sign of friendship. He or she will willingly pose for photographs and video (and we’re not talking the shaky, dark and obscured BS you normally see. We’re talking 4K, on a tripod, out in the open $h!t) and possibly follow you back home to live with you and your family. It will be like the movie Harry and the Henderson’s, but with a sweet ass Yeti. All this because you bought this dizope hat. Also of note, this hat is amazingly comfortable. Does anybody even read hat copy?